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Michael Riddick Painter Facebook: Email:

Painter & Illustrator

Gail Piazza Painter & Illustrator Website:

Jeanne Murray Painter Email: Facebook: Hi, I’m Jeanne Murray and I call my art “Dream Art.”  I had a dream image & decided to draw it. That was in late April of 2014. That year I drew over 250 Gel Pen pictures. In Feb of 2015 I took a watercolor painting class taught by…

Karen Mesneak Painter

Charlotte Mehosky Painter Website:

Gerladine McKeown - Cecil County Arts Council - Maryland Art

Geraldine McKeown Painter Website: A native of Cecil County, Geraldine McKeown grew up on the family farm surrounded by land that has been in her family for 7 generations. The beauty of the country landscape and the old farm buildings, rich with character, had a strong influence on her. An artist since childhood, her…

Abigail McBride Painter Website: Facebook: Instagram: @abigailmcbrideart “The longer I paint, the more amazed I am at how beautiful the world is.” – Abigail McBride Compelled to chronicle the life and world around her, Abigail Faye McBride paints with the heart of a poet. Her oil paintings and charcoal drawings bear witness to…

Painter, Airbrush, Sculpture

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Painter & Illustrator

Patricia Jepsen Painter, Modern Impressionism & Illustrator Website: Email: